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This special issue serves as a stimulus to promote and accelerate technological evolution toward 4G networking. The response to the call for papers for this issue is indicative of the great interest with which the community views this topic. Of the many high quality in depth and breadth papers received from both academia and industry around the world, we(More)
Three high moisture plant tissues, whose textural response to freeze-thawing differs noticeably, were studied ultrastructurally before and after controlled freeze-thaw regimes. Fine structural components of the protoplasm were usually disrupted extensively, although to varying degrees, depending on tissue type and freeze-thaw conditions. Possible reasons(More)
Voice over IP (VoIP) has the potential to be integrated with other Internet applications to provide interactive multimedia communication services that are impossible (or at least very difficult) to deploy over the traditional circuit-switched wired and wireless networks. To fully exploit the benefit of service integration, it is necessary that VoIP services(More)