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Cross-sections and angular distributions for hadronic and lepton pair final states in e+e− collisions at a centre-of-mass energy near 189 GeV, measured with the OPAL detector at LEP, are presented and compared with the predictions of the Standard Model. The results are used to measure the energy dependence of the electromagnetic coupling constant αem, and(More)
WINNER is an international research project under Framework Program 6 (FP6) of the European Commission. The main objective is the development of the new radio interface for systems beyond 3G. WINNER is part of the Wireless World Initiative (WWI), which is a series of cooperating projects in FP6 to develop future systems including all entities from a system(More)
Voice over IP (VoIP) has the potential to be integrated with other Internet applications to provide interactive multimedia communication services that are impossible (or at least very difficult) to deploy over the traditional circuit-switched wired and wireless networks. To fully exploit the benefit of service integration, it is necessary that VoIP services(More)