Werner Meyer-Ilse

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Determining the resolution of a zone plate X-ray microscope is a complicated issue, depending on many factors in addition to the quality of the optic. These include the degree of coherence of the illumination, the illumination spectrum, and the nature of the resolution test object. In this paper, we examine closely how the degree of coherence of the(More)
Soft X-ray microscopes can be used to examine whole, hydrated cells up to 10 microm thick and produce images approaching 30 nm resolution. Since cells are imaged in the X-ray transmissive "water window", where organic material absorbs approximately an order of magnitude more strongly than water, chemical contrast enhancement agents are not required to view(More)
Soft x-ray microscopy is a novel approach for investigation of intracellular organisms and subcellular structures with high spatial resolution. We used x-ray microscopy to investigate structural development of Plasmodium falciparum malaria parasites in normal and genetically abnormal erythrocytes and in infected erythrocytes treated with cysteine protease(More)
We describe a system for the automatic acquisition and processing of digital images in a high-resolution X-ray microscope, including the formation of large-field high-resolution image montages. A computer-controlled sample positioning stage provides approximate coordinates for each high-resolution subimage. Individual subimages are corrected to compensate(More)
query window where icons representing the various classes (e.g., experiments, procedures, annotations , scans, devices, plots, and pictures) are displayed. Clicking on one of these icons shows a pop-up window with all the attributes of the selected class, and with a class hierarchy navigator starting from this class. As with the current visual query,(More)
The Göttingen X ray microscope at the electron storage ring BESSY in Berlin and X ray microscopy experiments with biological specimens are described. A look ahead to future developments--optics for higher resolution and with better efficiency, detector devices with higher detective quantum efficiency, and the development of a laboratory X ray microscope(More)
We investigated the cytoadherence of Plasmodium falciparum infected erythrocytes to target cells that express CD36 by soft x-ray microscopy. Using immunogold beads enhanced with silver, we localized CD36 on the surface of intact melanoma cells and throughout Triton extracted melanoma cells. We examined the orientation of parasites within erythrocytes that(More)
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