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While the incommensurability in melilites is well documented, the underlying atomic configurations and the composition-dependent phase behavior are not yet clear. We have studied the transition from the incommensurate phase to the high-temperature normal phase (IC-N), and to the low-temperature commensurate phase (IC-C) of selected members of the Ca(2)Co(1(More)
In situ transformations of selenidostannate frameworks in ionic liquids (ILs) were initiated by treatment of the starting phase K2[Sn2Se5] and the consecutive reaction products by means of temperature increase and/or amine addition. Along the reaction pathway, the framework dimensionalities of the five involved selenidostannate anions develop from 3D to 1D(More)
Seven compounds with binary or ternary Ge/Se, Ge/Sn/Se, or Sn/Se anionic substructures crystallized upon the ionothermal reactions of [K(4)(H(2)O)(3)][Ge(4)Se(10)] with SnCl(4)·5H(2)O or SnCl(2) in [BMMIm][BF(4)] or [BMIm][BF(4)] (BMMIm=1-butyl-2,3-dimethyl-imidazolium, BMIm=1-butyl-3-methyl-imidazolium). The products were obtained by subtly varying the(More)
Ionothermal reactions of [Ge(4)Se(10)](4-) with SnCl(4)·5H(2)O yielded [BMMIm](24)[Sn(36)Ge(24)Se(132)] (ZBT-1) and [BMIm](24)[Sn(32.5)Ge(27.5)Se(132)] [ZBT-2; B(M)MIm = 1-butyl-(2,)3-(di)methylimidazolium]. These contain the largest known discrete polyanion consisting only of main-group elements. In spite of a zeolite-related composition, the 192-atom(More)
An aqueous medium containing catalytic amounts of a tertiary amine was employed to direct the chemoselectivity of the reaction of aldehydes with 1a. With DBU, 2 was formed at room temperature as a rare exemplary of Baylis-Hillman reactions in heterocyclic enones. DABCO alternated the pathway toward an aldol reaction to form syn/anti mixtures of 3 with the(More)
[K([2.2.2]crypt)](+) salts of [V@Ge8As4](3-) and [Nb@Ge8As6](3-) were obtained by extraction of quaternary phases with en/[2.2.2]crypt. The V-Ge-As anion is the first Zintl anion incorporating a (formal) V(5+) cation, thus the smallest cation ever embedded within a main group (semi-)metal cage. It represents the second example of a novel 12-vertex cluster(More)
In the title compound, [Cu(C(2)N(3))(C(10)H(8)N(2))(2)]BF(4), the Cu(II) atom shows distorted trigonal-bipyramidal geometry, with the dicyanamido ligand in the equatorial plane. The two out-of-plane Cu-N bond lengths to bipyridine are 2.006 (3) and 1.998 (3) A, whereas the in-plane Cu-N distances are 2.142 (3) and 2.043 (3) A to the bipyridine, and 2.015(More)