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OBJECTIVE To determine the effect of local anesthesia of the palmar digital nerves on forelimb kinematics in Quarter Horses with and without navicular disease. ANIMALS 12 adult Quarter Horses; 5 clinically normal (sound) and 7 with navicular disease. PROCEDURE Kinematic measurements were made on adult horses trotting on a treadmill, before and after(More)
  • W Loch
  • 1983
Behaviour or symptoms of neurotic nature are characterized as actions provided we succeed in uncovering their "secret motives" by construction or reconstruction. I. e. we may say insofar we succeed in describing the "whither", the "what for" (S. Freud), to which necessarily belongs "from where" (s. Freud, 1916/17, p. 284, 277) we find sense in nonsense. We(More)
  • W Loch
  • 1982
Referring to Cohen's account of his patient, it is stressed that the reported data may also warrant understanding the psychodynamics of the case as manifestations of an oedipal conflict. The importance of the break-down of narcissistic defences as a factor of paramount importance to triggering a mid-life crisis is fully acknowledged. At the same time it is(More)