Werner Kraus

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A uniied method for the planning and control of tasks involving exible parts is applied to two case studies: the bending of sheet metal and the insertion of a beam into a hole with friction. The method is formulated on a hybrid position/force framework so as to exploit the advantages brought about by load elasticity. The unifying design guideline is the(More)
Many reasons have been mentioned for the less than expected deployment of adaptive urban traffic control systems [6], among which the high cost of installation and maintenance is one of the most cited. This is particularly true for mid-sized cities (with less than 500 000 inhabitants) in developing countries which cannot afford the systems provided by the(More)
The problem of coordinating two arms for the manipulation of exible materials is studied through the bending of a exible beam. The solution proposed in this paper is based on a hybrid position/force approach. The choice of controlled variables in each direction is determined by minimum-eeort optimality criteria. The bending eeort is deened as the overall(More)
A multiple control-point strategy for holding control of a bus transit system is presented. The model developed is deterministic and assumes the availability of real-time information and historical data of the system. Stochastic effects are disturbances to be compensated by the feedback nature of the control. The objective is to minimize total user delay,(More)
  • U. Fantz, P. Franzen, +12 authors D. Wünderlich
  • 2008
For heating and current drive the neutral beam injection system for ITER requires a 1 MeV deuterium beam for up to 1 h pulse length. In order to inject the required 17 MW the large area source (1.9m x 0.9m) has to deliver 40 A of negative ion current at the specified source pressure of 0.3 Pa. In 2007 the IPP RF driven negative hydrogen ion source was(More)
Mainstream Traffic Flow Control (MTFC) with Variable Speed Limits (VSL) is a freeway traffic control method which aims to maximize throughput by regulating the mainstream flow upstream from a bottleneck. Recent studies in a macroscopic simulator have shown optimal and feedback MTFC potential to improve traffic conditions. In this paper, local feedback MTFC(More)
A novel synthetic strategy toward highly fluorinated BODIPY dyes with exceptional photostabilities relying on sustainable gold catalysis has been developed. A key to the tailored pyrrole precursors is the gold catalysis performed in ionic liquids as the reaction medium, allowing a facile recycling of the catalysts. The dyes prepared are well-matching with(More)
The title compound, C18H25BrO, crystallized as a racemate with four independent mol-ecules in the asymmetric unit. In the crystal, three of these four mol-ecules are linked via C-Br⋯Br-C halogen bonds [Br⋯Br = 3.662 (2) and 3.652 (2) Å], forming dimers.