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In this paper we present results from a measurement campaign evaluating the web performance of different mobile Internet access technologies with and without caching. We measured in GPRS, EDGE, UMTS and HSDPA radio access networks of a mobile operator in Austria. The operator has implemented a web-proxy for performance improvement. To evaluate the impact on(More)
A satellite ground station for participation in the Canadian project MOST (Microvariability and Oscillations of Stars) has been set up and is being successfully operated since October 2003 at the Institute for Astronomy of the University of Vienna. The location of the ground station is in a densely populated region of the town. The station has been built at(More)
CHEST, 72: 2, AUGUST, 1977 REMOVAL OF FOREIGN BODIES BY FOB 241 12 Smith CE, Saito MT, Simons SA: Pattern of 39.500 serologic tests in coccidioidomycosis. JAMA 160:546-552, 1956 13 Graybill JR. Alford RH: ‘Cell-mediated immunity in cryptococcosis. Cell Immunol 14:12-21, 1914 14 Thor DE, Graybill JR, Levine BB, Et al: Immunologic deficits in(More)
There has been a continuous change of civilization and communication in our society since the mid-nineties of the last century. Even medicine has to accept new fields of activity and bring up to date its response in the cooperation with the media. Both, medicine in general and gynaecology in particular will have to get used to a close relationship between(More)
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