Werner Karl Schomburg

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The complexity of modern surgical and analytical methods requires the miniaturisation of many medical devices. The LIGA technique and also mechanical microengineering are well known for the batch fabrication of microsystems. Actuators and sensors are developed based on these techniques. The hydraulic actuation principle is advantageous for medical(More)
Fabrication of micro devices from thermoplastic polymers by ultrasonic processing has become a promising new technology in recent years. Microstructures are generated on polymer surfaces with cycle times of a few seconds and are tightly sealed in even shorter times. Investment costs and energy consumption are comparatively low and processes are very(More)
BACKGROUND Small-scale micro-bioreactors have become the cultivation vessel of choice during the first steps of bioprocess development. They combine high cultivation throughput with enhanced cost efficiency per cultivation. To gain the most possible information in the early phases of process development, online monitoring of important process parameters is(More)
A time of flight sensor has been equipped with a sensing wire parallel to the flow direction (flow parallel wire, FPW). A heat pulse is generated with a coil in the flow channel. The FPW has a center tap allowing its upstream and downstream parts to join in a half bridge. When a heat pulse passes the FPW, a large output peak is generated. The time between(More)
We describe the LIGA process which allows the fabrication of both rigid and movable microstructures composed of various materials like metals, polymers, or ceramics. Such microstructures may be used as sensors or as actuators within microsystems. The integration of LIGA components with microelectronic circuits leads to microsystems for manifold(More)
The Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe aims at improving its CellChip. Its main feature is the 1 cm2 core, subdivided into 900 cubic microcontainers (300 x 300 x 300 microns). It is manufactured by injection molding using biodegradable (polylactide) as well as non-degradable (PMMA or PC) polymers. The CellChips will be modified such that membranes will be mounted(More)
A bistable microvalve is presented in this paper. The microvalve is fabricated using a cheap and developing technology combined of micro-milling of a polymer, sputtering, photolithography and adhesive bonding. The bistable characteristic of a magnetic system compensates the high power consumption of thermopneumatic actuators. The initial gap height between(More)
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