Werner Hupfauer

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1. Posttraumatic weak ankle due to neglected rupture of the fibular collateral ligaments can be avoided by suture of the rupture and plaster fixation. 2. To correct posttraumatic recurrent talar tilt, based on the experience with 12 cases, a direct repair operation with a free tendon transplant is described. This method is not charged with certain(More)
Juxtacortical osteosarcoma should be considered a very rate distinctive entity under all malignant bone tumors. The tumor has a remarkable tendency to grow from the periostal tissues peripherally with a usually marked degree of ossification without primary medullary involvement. It's different und characteristic behavior in clinical, roentgenographic and(More)
A new up till today not yet practiced method for determination of the radiation-temperatures of ‘cold-curing’ acrylic cements (Palacos) during the hardening process is the measure with the help of thermovision. The measurements had been followed up on tangible objects of Palacos (ball, rolled plate, cover of a shaft-prosthesis, undercooled cover of a(More)
Fractures of metallic implants are frequently caused by unstable osteosynthesis which facilitates vibrations and inner tensions of the metal. In some unfavourable cases we will have to expect vibration-corrosion. Among about 950 pertrochanteric femoral fractures we could observe 4 nail-fractures, besides 3 plate fractures and 5 screw fractures. Two of about(More)
New investigations were made for determination of the radiation-temperatures of “cold-curing” acrylic cements during the polymerisation with the help of thermovision. On formed pellets and plates the temperature curve of 3 different bone cements (CMW Bone Cement, Palacos R and Simplex) were determined by experiment. This resulted in the following: the(More)