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The fourth industrial revolution, also referred to as Industrie 4.0, has triggered a number of research projects to improve communication systems for industrial environments. Wireless technologies for mission-critical machine-to-machine communication are expected to enable very efficient and highly flexible production processes. It is especially challenging(More)
For a long time self-optimizing production systems have been proposed as a contribution to make production processes more adaptive while keeping them synchronized towards a global goal. As today's industrial automation is identified as a bottle-neck, a control framework which is built around the cognitive platform SOAR is introduced in this paper. The main(More)
Feed drives are one of the most important parts of machine tools. Their static and dynamic behavior strongly influences the positioning accuracy and their speed determines productivity. The control parameters play a decisive role concerning the performance of the mechatronic system and for control analysis, a sufficient model of the feed drive system is(More)
Energy efficiency is becoming an important topic for the manufacturing industry. Nowadays the unique features of production systems like precision, endurance, flexibility and initial costs must be extended by the energy efficiency. Using different control strategies on shop floor control level promises energy savings and prevention of unwanted high power(More)
In order to cope with the increasing functionality of today's machine tools, software development for programmable logical controllers (PLC) needs systematic approaches for testing implemented routines. An automatic test machine executing test runs as workflows is able to fulfill the given requirements. A prototype, developed at Laboratory for Machine Tools(More)
Production cells are typically built up of many heterogeneous components which are controlled by a central unit such as a standard programmable logic controller. Engineering of such cell controllers is usually based on an imperative programming paradigm. All possible decision situations are defined manually and coded offline, which is an acceptable method(More)
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