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The Pain Catastrophizing Scale (PCS; Sullivan et al., Psychol. Assess. 7, 524-532, 1995) has recently been developed to assess three components of catastrophizing: rumination, magnification, and helplessness. We conducted three studies to evaluate the factor structure, reliability, and validity of the PCS. In Study I, we conducted principal-components(More)
Konrad Riegel died in an avalanche in January 2003 while skiing in the Alps. Abstract Within the existing GSM standard, several measurements are available that can be used for estimating the position of a cellular phone. First, the timing advance (TA) gives an estimate for the distance to the serving base station. Second, the signal strengths (RXLEV) of(More)
This paper discusses a machine learning approach for binary classification problems which satisfies the specific requirements of safety-related applications. The approach is based on ensembles of local models. Each local model utilizes only a small subspace of the complete input space. This ensures the interpretability and verifiability of the local models,(More)
Real-world applications often require the joint use of data-driven and knowledge-based models. While data-driven models are learned from available process data, knowledge-based models are able to provide additional information not contained in the data. In this contribution, we propose a method to divide the input space on the basis of the validity ranges(More)
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