Werner Fischer

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A detailed mathematical proof is given that the energy spectrum of a quantum particle in multi-dimensional Euclidean space under the influence of certain random potentials is pure point at sufficiently low energies. The results apply in particular to an important class of Gaussian random potentials, which are homogeneous with respect to Euclidean(More)
The functional–analytic versus the functional–integral approach to quantum Hamiltonians: The one–dimensional hydrogen atom * Abstract The capabilities of the functional–analytic and of the functional–integral approach for the construction of the Hamiltonian as a self–adjoint operator on Hilbert space are compared in the context of non–relativistic quantum(More)
Virtualization techniques are getting more and more popular. They allow to run multiple virtual servers on a single physical machine. But in case of a hardware outage, tens of virtual servers are down. This paper gives some insight how to prevent this situation. " Problems of virtualization " discusses why it is necessary to think about clustering in(More)
Alle Rechte vorbehalten ii Erklärung Hiermit erkläre ich an Eides statt, dass ich die vorliegende Arbeit selbst-ständig und ohne fremde Hilfe verfasst, andere als die angegebenen Quellen und Hilfsmittel nicht benutzt und die aus anderen Quellen entnommenen Stellen als solche gekennzeichnet habe. Contents Erklärung iii Preface viii Kurzfassung ix Abstract x(More)
Exact results are derived on the averaged dynamics of a class of random quantum-dynamical systems in continuous space. Each member of the class is characterized by a Hamiltonian which is the sum of two parts. While one part is deterministic, time-independent and quadratic, the Weyl-Wigner symbol of the other part is a homogeneous Gaussian random field which(More)
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