Werner Dreyer

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Empirical research based on time series is a data intensive activity that needs a data base management system (DBMS). We investigate the special properties a time series management system (TSMS) should have. We then show that currently available solutions and related research directions are not well suited to handle the existing problems. Therefore, we(More)
The analysis of time series is a central issue in economic research and many other scientific applications. However , the data management functionality for this field is not provided by general-purpose DBMSs. Therefore, we propose a data model of a specialized Time Series Management System (TSMS) which accounts for these needs. The model is centered around(More)
The analysis of time series in financial and scientific applications requires database functionality with complex specialized modeling capabilities and at the same time an easy-to-use interface. We present the time series management system CALANDA which combines both, a powerful dedicated data model and an intuitive GUI. The focus of this paper and the(More)
A series of automated instruments that use state-of-the-art chemical methods has been developed for high-sensitivity protein sequencing, DNA synthesis and peptide synthesis. These instruments have been integrated into a centralized microchemical facility in order to promote their use for the study of a variety of biologically interesting problems. This(More)
Orthorhombic Li x FePO 4 (0 ≤ x ≤ 1) system has attracted much attention for its application as a high power cathode material in lithium ion batteries. [ 1 ] Although the performance of this material has been greatly improved by cation doping, surface coating and size reduction, [ 2–4 ] the fundamental phase transformation mechanisms accompanying(More)
The distribution of data within or between organizations is crucial for many applications. Such a distribution may be transparent, as it is embodied in distributed database systems to increase their performance, reliability and availability. Other systems either do not require transparent data distribution or even explicitly need their own copies of the(More)
This paper analyzes how financial researchers manage large numbers of time series and how they work with these data. We show that replication services are a central facility of a time series management system and we define the requirements for such replication services. An evaluation of current time series management systems shows that they do not support(More)
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