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Autoimmune thyroid diseases feature prominent cellular infiltration of the thyroid gland as well as autoantibody production to thyroid antigens. The most common assay to evaluate cell-mediated immunity is based on incorporation of tritiated thymidine into proliferating T cells after stimulation by the test antigens. In the past, cell proliferation assays of(More)
The availability of a multiprocessor vector machine, such as the CRAY X-MP, along with large, fast secondary memory such as the CRAY SSD, opens new frontiers to numerical algorithm design for 3-D simulations. The 3-D seismic migration, which is of crucial importance in exploration seismology, will be studied as a model problem. The numerical model discussed(More)
Human thyroglobulin (Tg) was purified from thyroids of normal individuals and of patients with Graves' disease using gel filtration (Sephacryl S-400) and ion-exchange (DEAE) column chromatography. We isolated five protein peaks of Tg from the DEAE column, using a step gradient, characterized them for protein and iodine content, and assessed their(More)
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