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A concept of mixing distributed real and virtual worlds through a unified human-machine interface, connecting logical to physical phenomena, will be introduced. This approach allows the extension of ubiquitous computing and image oriented mixed reality to ubiquitous physical action. It is shown, how distributed collaboration between two or more locations(More)
The effective use of experience as a valuable resource can give companies a competitive edge in a world characterised by an ageing workforce and globalisation. An online survey was conducted in Aus-tria, Germany and Switzerland to find out managers' attitudes towards experience and if and how they capture, use and disseminate it. The results show that the(More)
A new version of the Finite Difference code GdfidL implements generalized diagonal fillings for the discretiza-tion of the material distribution. The new algorithm allows more than 72 different types of material filling for each cell, whereas the common diagonal filling only allows 7 types. With the improved material filling, the discretization error for(More)
is for personal use only and shall not be self-archived in electronic repositories. If you wish to self-archive your article, please use the accepted manuscript version for posting on your own website. You may further deposit the accepted manuscript version in any repository, provided it is only made publicly available 12 months after official publication(More)
Recent reports regarding the development of combined medical-psychiatric units have primarily involved units operated under the auspices of academic medical centers. Almost no published information is available regarding the fiscal, administrative, or clinical feasibility of operating such programs within the context of the private community hospital(More)
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