Werner B. Korte

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In 1828 a mysterious young man appeared in Nürnberg, Germany, who was barely able to speak or walk but could write down his name, Kaspar Hauser. He quickly became the centre of social interest but also the victim of intrigue. His appearance, his origin and assassination in 1833 were, and still are, the source of much debate. The most widely accepted theory(More)
In the Federal Republic of Germany, responsibilities for health and education are held by the 11 German states. Particularly in the health system, a number of tasks are delegated to private organizations under governmental control. In this review, general characteristics of both the public health and education systems are delineated. An overview of school(More)
In Hamburg, the incidence of reported cases of infectious hepatitis more than doubled from 1990 to 1991. The increase refers to hepatitis A, B and other forms of hepatitis. The seven public health offices and the local ministry for health, works and social affairs in Hamburg have analysed the development in a computer-based retrospective study comparing the(More)
Die Wiedergabe von Informationen aus diesem Bericht ist mit entsprechender Quellenangabe vorbehaltlich anderslautender Bestimmungen gestattet. Acknowledgements This document has been prepared on the basis of findings from " network4value " ; a research study carried out between January 2005 and March 2006 for the European Commission, DG Information Society,(More)
While differences in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) infrastructure in European general practices are decreasing more and more, actual use rates - in particular, for more advanced applications - are about as different as the languages spoken by GPs throughout the European Union. This is one finding of a representative survey among GPs in(More)
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