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In the year 2000 a competition was organised to collect face verification results on an identical, publicly available data set using a standard evaluation protocol. The database used was the Xm2vts database along with the Lausanne protocol [14]. Four different institutions submitted results on the database which were subsequently published in [13]. Three(More)
In this paper we introduce novel face representations, the masked Trace transform (MTT), the shape Trace transform (STT) and the weighted Trace transform (WTT), for recognising faces in a face authen-tication system. We first transform the image space to the Trace transform space to produce the MTT. We then identify the points of the MTT which take similar(More)
Tattoos, a soft biometric trait, are gradually being used for suspect and victim identifications in forensics and law enforcement. Particularly, tattoos are raising obvious evident attention because of their visual and demographic traits as well as their increasing prevalence. However, tattoos on human skin are complicated and large invariance in both(More)
A Computer system now operate in an environment of near ubiquitous connectivity, whether tethered to an Ethernet cable or connected via wireless technology. While the availability of always on communication has created countless new opportunities for web based businesses, information sharing, and coordination, it has also created new opportunities for those(More)
This paper proposes an analysis-by-synthesis framework for face recognition with variant pose, illumination and expression. First, an efficient 2D-to-3D integrated face reconstruction approach is introuduced to reconstruct a personalized 3D face model from a single frontal face image with neutral expression and normal illumination; Then, realistic virtual(More)