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Although transverse wind exerts an important influence on the distribution of the ion current density under HVDC transmission lines, very few experiments involving stable wind have been used to verify the numerical model. To overcome the variability of natural wind, a low-speed wind tunnel was used to produce stable wind in this research. An experimental(More)
With the rapid development of HVDC transmission projects in China, the situation of the greenhouses existing under the HVDC lines is becoming increasingly common. When the transmission lines are in corona, the ionic space charges produced by the corona discharge in the vicinity of conductors are basically driven by the electric field to the ground. The(More)
HVDC transmission lines operating in polluted areas may absorb a large amount of contamination, which seriously affects the corona discharge and its associated audible noise, electric field, ion current density from the transmission lines. To fully study the effects of conductor surface condition on photon count and dc electric field, conductors coated with(More)
In this paper, the time-domain measurement method for audible noise is employed to study the time and frequency domains characteristics of audible noise generated by single corona discharge under DC and AC voltage in a coaxial geometry. The results show that in time-domain the audible noise from positive and negative corona discharge both consist of a(More)
The sound pressure level (SPL) has been generally accepted in the measurement and evaluation of degree of nuisance to the corona-generated audible noise from transmission lines. Quite many scholars have studied the spectrum and statistical characteristics of the SPL from transmission lines through the long-term frequency measurement. In fact, the corona(More)
The previous research work has dealt with corona characteristics of conductors coated with different types of contaminations, while the thickness is rarely considered. To fully study the effects of conductor surface condition on photon count and corona streamer pulses, conductors coated with different thicknesses of contamination are investigated and(More)
Corona-generated space charge density is an important quantity that helps describe the electrical environment in the vicinity of High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) transmission lines. This paper develops a device based on the ion counter method to measure space charge density under a DC test wire, which is used to simulate a HVDC transmission line. An(More)
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