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This paper proposes a new algorithm for scrambling digital image based on the cat chaotic mapping. We disorder the pixel coordinates of the digital image through using a cat chaotic mapping, and then perform exclusive OR operation between certain pixel value of the digital image and a chaotic value. The experiment results have shown that the new diffusion(More)
This paper mainly focus to get the high resolution color remote sensing image, and also undertaken to remove the shaded region in the both urban and rural area. Some of the existing projects are involved to detect the shaded region and then eliminate that region, but it has some drawbacks. The detection of the edges will be affected mostly by the(More)
In order to find out more effective energy saving strategies for sewage treatment systems, the necessity of endowing a sewage treatment system with certain extent flexibility were analyzed based on the summarization of current major energy saving measures responding to the changing conditions, such as variations of quality and flux of input sewage.(More)
Ammoniated lignin, prepared through the Mannich reaction of lignin, has more advantages as a slow-release carrier of urea molecules than ammoxidized lignin and lignin. The advantages of the ammoniated lignin include its amine groups added and its high molecular mass kept as similar as that of lignin. Three organic molecules including guaiacyl,(More)
In the title mononuclear complex, [CoCl(2)(C(11)H(11)N(5))(2)], the Co(II) atom is four-coordinated by two ligand N atoms and two Cl atoms in a distorted tetra-hedral geometry. In the crystal, mol-ecules are stacked through π-π inter-actions [centroid-centroid distances = 3.473 (2), 3.807 (3), 3.883 (2) and 3.676 (2) Å], forming a three-dimensional(More)
Big data processing frameworks are developing towards larger degrees of parallelism and shorter task durations in order to achieve lower response time. Scheduling highly parallel tasks that complete in nearly 100 milliseconds poses a major challenge for task schedulers. Taking the challenge, researchers turn to decentralized frameworks to relieve the(More)
In order to improve the reliability and reduce power consumption of the high speed BLDC motor system, this paper presents a model free adaptive control (MFAC) based position sensorless drive with only a dc-link current sensor. The initial commutation points are obtained by detecting the phase of EMF zero-crossing point and then delaying 30 electrical(More)
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