Wenzhuo Jia

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The key to the successful use of computer networks to support realtime communications is an adequate set of network communication protocols that ensure not only timely but also reliable message transmission. Traditional fault tolerance techniques may become invalid in a realtime environment as the latency introduced by those error recovery mechanisms may(More)
As a promising technology for the future Internet, network virtualization makes it possible to reshape currently ossified network architecture. This paper proposes a limited scale-free model for construction of virtual networks topologies, aiming to reduce network average path length and achieve a simplified virtual network. In the progress of constructing,(More)
A connection admission control (CAC) algorithm must efficiently determine if a new connection can be admitted by venfying that its QoS requirements can be met without violating those of previously admitted connections. In hard real-time systems, the QoS requirements are specified in terms of end-to-end cell deadlines and no cell loss due to buffer overflow.(More)
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