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Prion diseases are neurodegenerative disorders caused by the accumulation of misfolded prion proteins [scrapie form of PrP (PrP(Sc))]. PrP(Sc) accumulation in the brain causes neurotoxicity by inducing mitochondrial-apoptotic pathways. Neurodegeneration can be prevented by imatinib mesylate (Gleevec or STI571) that regulates c-Abl tyrosine kinases, which(More)
A retrocerebellar arachnoid cyst causing syringomyelia is extremely rare without tonsillar herniation. The authors present a 44-year-old woman with symptoms of foramen magnum compression and syringomyelia. Magnetic resonance imaging demonstrated a large retrocerebellar arachnoid cyst with a large cervicothoracic syrinx but no signs of tonsillar herniation(More)
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