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Topology-transparent schedule with reservation and carrier sense for multihop ad hoc networks
To solve collisions of topology-transparent schedules in multihop ad hoc networks, we propose a topology-transparent schedule with reservation and carrier sense. Our schedule is based on slottedExpand
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Mobile Sensing in Metropolitan Area : Case Study in Beijing
During the vast trend of urbanization, mobile sensing in metropolitan area has become an emerging fashion and prevailing technology to monitor the environmental changes and human activities in theExpand
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User-dependent perfect-scheduling multiple access (UPMA) protocol in wireless multihop mobile ad hoc networks
Based on the idea of contention reservation and polling, a user-dependent perfect-scheduling multiple access (UPMA) protocol for supporting node mobility and multihop architecture is described. InExpand
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Network Selection Algorithm for Heterogeneous Wireless Networks Based on Multi-Objective Discrete Particle Swarm Optimization
In order to guide users to select the most optimal access network in heterogeneous wireless networks, a network selection algorithm is proposed which is designed based on multi-objective discreteExpand
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Optimization-Based Design of Wireless Link Scheduling With Physical Interference Model
We address the link-scheduling problem in wireless multihop networks under the realistic physical interference model. Different from most works, which adopt the protocol interference model thatExpand
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Exploring Urban Dynamics Based on Pervasive Sensing: Correlation Analysis of Traffic Density and Air Quality
Modern cities, with large population and complicated infrastructures, are complex entities with non-linear and dynamic properties that challenge the city management. Therefore, as the first stepExpand
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Understanding urban dynamics based on pervasive sensing: An experimental study on traffic density and air pollution
Abstract Modern urban areas are influenced by numerous inter-related human and natural factors and present extremely complicated non-linear and dynamic properties. As a bridge between the physicalExpand
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Cost-efficient QoS routing protocol for mobile ad hoc networks
A novel CEQRP (cost-efficient QoS routing protocol) for mobile ad hoc networks (MANETs) is proposed. CEQRP can provide QoS guarantee and is aimed at extending the battery's lifetime at each host byExpand
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A Platform-as-a-Service for in-situ development of wireless sensor network applications
In this paper we present a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) approach for rapid development of wireless sensor network (WSN) applications based on the dinam-mite concept, i.e. an embedded web-basedExpand
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Smart Beijing: Correlation of Urban Electrical Energy Consumption with Urban Environmental Sensing f
This paper focuses on consumer-side activities and investigates the environmental impact of the electrical energy consumer (transportation, buildings, street lighting, etc.), in order to improve theExpand
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