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The paper proposed a 3-DoF bicycle model, that considering the longitudinal acceleration or deceleration motion, the lateral motion and the yaw motion of the vehicle. A simplified piecewise tire model is proposed to improve the precise of the tire force. The bicycle model uses the wheel rolling speed information from the real car that is usually used in the(More)
Previous studies have shown that levodopa (L-dopa) for 1-7days improved the consciousness level of certain patients who suffered from ischemia-reperfusion injury and were comatose for a long time period after cerebral resuscitation treatment. It also has an awakening effect on patients with disorders of consciousness. This study aimed to investigate whether(More)
With the rapid development of computer technology, heterogeneous architecture based MapReduce (HA-MapReduce for short) is widely studied in the big data processing domain. Meanwhile, cloud computing is becoming an important alternative for providing computational infrastructure. Therefore, in this paper, we propose an implementation of HA-MapReduce in the(More)
Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) is a type of feed-forward artificial neural network, exploiting the unknown structure in input distribution to discover good representations with multiple layers of small neuron collections. CNN uses relatively little pre-processing compared to other classification algorithms, usually uses gradient decent to updates the(More)
Multiple resources allocation in large scale datacenter has been widely studied and used in recent years. However, the existing scheduling methods have some shortcomings in the heterogeneous environment, such as starving certain jobs, leaving some important resources unallocated, and decreasing system throughput. In this paper, we generalize the most(More)
Performance of MapReduce heavily depends on its data partitions for parallelism controlling, however, current state of art solutions are implemented using naive methods which are far from optimal. In this paper, we outline our solution, a locality based and skew aware partition technology, intend to address the data partition problems which encumber the job(More)
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