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Demyelination and axonal loss have been described as the histological hallmarks of inflammatory lesions of multiple sclerosis (MS) and are the pathological correlates of persistent disability. However, the immune mechanisms underlying axonal damage in MS remain unknown. Here, we report the use of single chain-variable domain fragments (scFv) from clonally(More)
In a wireless sensor network (WSN), the usage of resources is usually highly related to the execution of tasks which consume a certain amount of computing and communication bandwidth. Parallel processing among sensors is a promising solution to provide the demanded computation capacity in WSNs. Task allocation and scheduling is a typical problem in the area(More)
Very large scale integration (VLSI) circuit partitioning is an important problem in design automation of VLSI chips and multichip systems; it is an NP-hard combinational optimization problem. In this paper, an effective hybrid multi-objective partitioning algorithm, based on discrete particle swarm optimzation (DPSO) with local search strategy, called(More)