Wenzhe Wu

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RNA helicases and chaperones are the two major classes of RNA remodeling proteins, which function to remodel RNA structures and/or RNA-protein interactions, and are required for all aspects of RNA metabolism. Although some virus-encoded RNA helicases/chaperones have been predicted or identified, their RNA remodeling activities in vitro and functions in the(More)
The aim of this study was to evaluate the association of functional expression of TRPM7 with nasopharyngeal carcinoma (NPC) growth. We examined the correlation of TRPM7 expression with cell growth and proliferation, cell cycle, and apoptosis in vitro in NPC cell lines and NPC tumorigenesis in mice by conducting experiments in mice and by further analyzing(More)
Flock House virus (FHV) is a positive-stranded RNA virus with a bipartite genome of RNAs, RNA1 and RNA2, and belongs to the family Nodaviridae. As the most extensively studied nodavirus, FHV has become a well-recognized model for studying various aspects of RNA virology, particularly viral RNA replication and antiviral innate immunity. FHV RNA1 encodes(More)
This paper presents a new approach for moving detection in complex scenes. Different with previous methods which compare a pixel with its own model and make the model more complex, we take an iterative model-sharing strategy as the process of foreground decision. The current pixel is not only compared with its own model, but may also compared with other(More)
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