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In this article, a novel liquid flow sensor which is composed of a special structure conduit main body and a differential pressure sensor was designed, fabricated, and calibrated. The conduit main body includes an inlet channel section with a branch conduit connecting one end of the pressure sensor, a throat channel section, and an outlet channel section(More)
As scientific simulations and experiments move toward extremely large scales and generate massive amounts of data, the data access performance of analytic applications becomes crucial. A mismatch often happens between write and read patterns of data accesses, typically resulting in poor read performance. Data layout reorganization has been used to improve(More)
Improving read performance is one of the major challenges with speeding up scientific data analytic applications. Utilizing the memory hierarchy is one major line of researches to address the read performance bottleneck. Related methods usually combine solide-state-drives(SSDs) with dynamic random-access memory(DRAM) and/or parallel file system(PFS) to(More)
Frameworks that facilitate runtime data sharingacross multiple applications are of great importance for scientificdata analytics. Although existing frameworks work well overuniform mesh data, they can not effectively handle adaptive meshrefinement (AMR) data. Among the challenges to construct anAMR-capable framework include: (1) designing an(More)
Understanding the interactions between proteins and nanoparticles (NPs) along with the underlying structural and dynamic information is of utmost importance to exploit nanotechnology for biomedical applications. Upon adsorption onto a NP surface, proteins form a well-organized layer, termed the corona, that dictates the identity of the NP-protein complex(More)
Runtime data sharing across applications is of great importance for avoiding high I/O overhead for scientific data analytics. Sharing data on a staging space running on a set of dedicated compute nodes is faster than writing data to a slow disk-based parallel file system (PFS) and then reading it back for post-processing. Originally, the staging space has(More)
Analyses of large simulation data often concentrate on regions in space and in time that contain important information. As simulations adopt Adaptive Mesh Refinement (AMR), the data records from a region of interest could be widely scattered on storage devices and accessing interesting regions results in significantly reduced I/O performance. In this work,(More)
Leaf area index (LAI) is a critical structural parameter in evaluating physiology and biology of vegetation canopy and ecosystem, which makes its quick and precise measurement necessary though still unrealized owing to the different LAI definitions, diverse suggestions and measurement variance. And virtual plant, virtual reality and virtual instruments (VI)(More)
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