Wenzhan Yang

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Triclosan, an antimicrobial, although widely incorporated into many skin care products, toothpastes, and liquid soaps, presents formulation difficulties because it is practically insoluble in water. The objective of this study was to improve the aqueous solubility of triclosan through solubilization, complexation, and salt formation. The solubility of(More)
In this study, the solubilizing effect of 4-sulphonic calix[n]arenes on the poorly water soluble drug nifedipine was investigated. 4-Sulphonic calix[n]arenes are water-soluble phenolic cyclooligomers that form complexes with neutral molecules such as nifedipine. Solubility experiments were performed at 30 degrees C using the Higuchi rotating bottle method.(More)
A novel modified film-hydration-dilution method was employed to prepare highly encapsulated interferon-alpha-2b containing liposomes for intramuscular sustained release. The liposomes produced by this technique were a mixture of mainly unilamellar vesicles and a small number of multilamellar vesicles. The trapping efficiency was above 80%. With at least(More)
The solubilization of the practically water insoluble drug furosemide by guest:host inclusion complexation with 4-sulphonic calix[n]arenes has been reported. The 4-sulphonic calix[n]arenes are water-soluble phenolic cyclooligomers that form inclusion complexes with neutral molecules. The solubility of furosemide in acidic (pH < 4) aqueous solutions(More)
The present study investigated the effect of water-soluble 4-sulphonato-calx[n]arenes, cyclodextrins, and combinations of these macromolecules on the aqueous solubility of a poorly water-soluble drug, niclosamide. Complexation between the macromolecules and niclosamide was confirmed by thermal analysis and phase solubility studies in a pH 7.0 McIlvaine(More)
This study reports the use of para-sulphonato calix[8]arene to produce stable complexes with improved bioavailability for nifedipine, a calcium-channel blocker that is practically insoluble in water. Thermal analysis and electrospray ionisation mass spectroscopy confirmed that nifedipine formed complexes with the calixarenes in a size dependent way. The(More)
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