Wenzel P. Geissler

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Parasitic determinants of serum retinol concentrations were studied in 159 preschool (0.25-5.1 y) and 695 primary school (9.2-17 y) children in western Kenya. Mean serum retinol was 0.63 micromol/L in preschool and 0.94 micromol/L in primary school children; 62% and 24%, respectively, had serum retinol < 0.70 micromol/L. Serum retinol was lower in boys than(More)
Fieldworkers (FWs) are community members employed by research teams to support access to participants, address language barriers, and advise on culturally appropriate research conduct. The critical role that FWs play in studies, and the range of practical and ethical dilemmas associated with their involvement, is increasingly recognised. In this paper, we(More)
Consent processes have attracted significant research attention over the last decade, including in the global south. Although relevant studies suggest consent is a complex negotiated process involving multiple actors, most guidelines assume consent is a one-off encounter with a clear 'yes' or 'no' decision. In this paper we explore the concept of 'silent(More)
76 patients after aortocoronary venous bypass operation, 34 patients with essential arterial hypertension at stage I or II (WHO) and chronic ischaemic heart disease, 96 patients with a chronic ischaemic heart disease of different degree of severity and 20 persons with healthy heart were examined concerning their behaviour of the R-amplitude in the exercise(More)