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This paper presents an approach of automatically generating abstract paintings of Malevich Style. Through parameterized program and flexible production processes, we successfully generated images mimicking the styles of the abstract artist Kazimir Malevich, having classified different styles of his paintings. The generated results using the basic components(More)
With the proliferation of globally distributed projects, there has been an urgent need for continuous coordination and continuous awareness support. Traditional desktop-based approaches are insufficient for the requirements of continuous awareness. Team Radar Mobile takes a visual mobile approach to continuous awareness by visualizing awareness information(More)
Location data is one of the most widely used context data types in context-aware and ubiquitous computing applications. To support locating applications in indoor environments, numerous systems with different deployment costs and positioning accuracies have been developed over the past decade. One useful method, based on received signal strength (RSS),(More)
This paper introduces a mathematical model for locating the scrap vehicle disposal station. This model involves an NP-complete problem. A hybrid heuristic algorithm is used to solve the problem. The main idea is to combine a Genetic Algorithm with a Simulated Annealing Algorithm component. The combination of two algorithms can solve the premature(More)
Teaching how to conduct productive research in a classroom setting is a challenge. This article reports on an attempt to scale up the research training in a class of 41 undergraduate and graduate students. The research topic, information aesthetics, covers information visualization and generative art. Seven teams were set up to conduct seven different(More)
The rapid development of enterprises rises an important impetus to improve business productivity and core competence. Insurance industry business intelligence systems can be used to build enterprise data warehouses, master data view and establish analysis and decision support systems which can remarkably improve the efficience of enterprise. This paper(More)
Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is to outsource some repetitive, non-core or core business processes to outside provider to reduce production cost and improve service quality. Insurance BPO means the process of assigning professional provider to complete data input of Policy Application. There are some difficulties in the process of building management(More)
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