Wenyuan Shen

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Laminectomy is a widely accepted treatment for lumbar disorders. Epidural Fibrosis (EF) is a common post-laminectomy or post-discectomy complication, which is thought to cause recurrent pain. RNA interference (RNAi) is a process by which double-stranded RNA triggers the destruction of mRNAs sharing the same sequence. Previously, extra-cellular(More)
In the late stages of the retroviral life cycle, the transcription of viral pre-mRNA is initiated at the 5′ long terminal repeat (5′ LTR) and terminated at the 3′ LTR; the full-length and spliced viral RNAs are transported out of the nucleus and serve as templates for the translation of viral proteins or alternatively as the full-length viral genome to be(More)
The multifunctional transactivator Tat protein is an essentially regulatory protein for HIV-1 replication and it plays a role in pathogenesis of HIV-1 infection. At present, numerous experimental studies about HIV-1 Tat focus on subtype B, very few has been under study of subtype C-Tat. In view of the amino acid variation of the clade-specific Tat proteins,(More)
Here we explored the contribution of atlastin-1 (ATL1) to HIV replication for the first time. HIV-1 encodes only 15 proteins (Ayinde et al., 2010) and thus must exploit multiple host cell functions for successful infection. For example, HIV-1 envelope (Env) glycoproteins are synthesized as a polyprotein precursor, known as gp160, in the endoplasmic(More)
Increasing evidence indicates that HIV-1 infection has an impact on cell autophagy, and a susceptible cell line is required for studying the relationship of HIV-1 with autophagy. However, there is limited information on the optimal cell line to evaluate the changes of autophagy affected by HIV infection. In this study cell line TZM-tfLC3B was constructed to(More)
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