Wenying Zeng

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This paper proposes a general architecture of cloud storage system, analyzes the functions of the components, and discusses the key technologies, etc. Cloud storage is a novel storage service mode which the service providers supply storage capacities and data storage services through the Internet to the clients; meanwhile, the clients needn't know the(More)
This paper describes the cloud service architecture and key technologies for service selection algorithm. Cloud computing is a hot topic on software and distributed computing based on Internet, which means users can access storages and applications from remote servers by web browsers or other fixed or mobile terminals. Because the constrained resources of(More)
Wireless grid is an emerging communication and resource sharing architecture in recent years. It is getting more and more researches and application in mission, industry, business, science research. Wireless grid technique is developing and improving, especially with the storage capacity rising, we can manage storage resources in the wireless grid, and(More)
Wireless mesh network is emerging as a new generation of wireless network architecture, attracting much research on MAC, routing, application, etc. Widen applied in wide areas, there will produce massive data storage requirements. The paper presents a Hierarchical Storage System on wireless mesh network, with high availability, scalability, self-heal,(More)
Load balance in P2P storage system will affect availability greatly. Two aspects should be considered in keeping balance: balance in peer space and balance in data replica among peers. This paper focuses on achieving balance in peer space. Peers are categorized by periodicity of availability, and long term peers are organized into virtual balanced binary(More)
To overcome the limitation of TCP/IP protocol that multi-copys and context switch are needed in the network storage system which result in the poor performance of the system, a lightweight transport protocol named DOEP (Disk Over Ethernet Protocol) is presented. DOEP drawing on the idea of zero-copy increases the throughput of the network storage system and(More)
Mobile grid is an infrastructure that adds mobile service in conventional wired grid, so as to implement sharing with heterogeneity, distributed grid resources at anytime, anywhere and anyhow. Mobile grid technology combines mobile computing and grid computing, and it is developing rapidly. We discuss and analyse mobile grid architecture and resource(More)
Cloud Computing (CC) is an emerging field in which research scholars from academia and industry professional contribute their knowledge to understand and propagate the dimensions of its applications. One of the popular services in CC is Infrastructures as a Service (IaaS) by which the customers can rent a highly configured server, storageetc. from the(More)
Mass storage resolves the capacity requirements of huge data storage in the networks of enterprises and organizations. The complexity and cost of storage management needs intelligence to reduce the huge overheads, and intelligent storage becomes the ideal storage solution. The paper illustrates the related work with intelligent storage, proposes a(More)