Wenying Lu

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a r t i c l e i n f o a b s t r a c t We construct, analyze and numerically validate a class of mass preserving, direct discontinuous Galerkin (DDG) schemes for Schrödinger equations subject to both linear and nonlinear potentials. Up to round-off error, these schemes preserve the discrete version of the mass of the continuous solution. For time(More)
Genetic engineering offers an attractive alternative in sugarcane breeding for increasing cane and sugar yields as well as disease and insect resistance. Bar transgenic sugarcane employing the herbicide tolerance is a useful agronomical trait in weed control. In this study, a loop-mediated isothermal amplification (LAMP) assay for rapid detection of the bar(More)
BACKGROUND There is substantial scope for improvement in the current arsenal of smoking cessation methods and techniques: even when front-line cessation treatments are utilized, smokers are still more likely to fail than to succeed. Studies testing the incremental benefit of using nicotine patch for 1-4 weeks prior to quitting have shown pre-quit nicotine(More)
BACKGROUND The X-ray cross-complementing group 3 (XRCC3) gene encodes a protein that plays an important role in homologous recombination repair (HRR) of DNA double-strand break (DSB). Increasing attention has been drawn to the association of XRCC3 T241M polymorphism with various types of human cancers. In this study, a meta-analysis was performed to(More)
OBJECTIVE To discuss the changes of the auditory brain stem response in patients with Ramsay Hunt syndrome. METHOD Thirty-six patients of Ramsay Hunt syndrome,who have only unilateral involvement with contralateral good ear, were studied with pure tone test and auditory brain stem response. The latencies of peaks I, III and V and interpeak latencies of(More)
OBJECTIVE To provide anatomic basis for genioglossus advancement. METHOD Forty adult cadaver heads (male=29, female=11) were dissected to measure genial tubercles and observe the start-stop points of genioglossus muscle and geniohyoid muscle. RESULT The genioglossus muscle originates from the superior mental spine, and the geniohyoid muscle originates(More)
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