Wenying Fu

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Expert systems are increasingly being applied to problems in medical diagnosis and treatment. Initial medical expert systems were programmed in specialized "expert system" shell programming environments. As the power of mainstream programming languages has increased, it has become possible to implement medical expert systems within these mainstream(More)
The developmental course of museum for history of Chinese medicine can be divided into 4 stages, namely, Period of Initiation (1937-1949), Period of Development (1950-1965), Period of Stagnation (1966-1976) and Period of Rejuvenation (1977-). The article introduces the dovelopmental course of museum for history of Chinese medicine period by period,(More)
Governance constitutes elementary supportive infrastructure for regional innovation systems. This paper extends the evolutionary lens of governance into initial industrialization phase and examines the impact of their evolution into regional innovation systems on fostering innovation activities. Drawing on the empirical substances in Shenzhen and Dongguan,(More)
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