Wenying Chen

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Mammalian sperm capacitation is an essential prerequisite to fertilizion. Although progress had been made in understanding the physiology and biochemistry of capacitation, little is known about the potential roles of epididymal proteins during this process. Here we report that HongrES1, a new member of the SERPIN (serine proteinase inhibitor) family(More)
Transport sector in China are analyzed from a global perspective. Passenger transport turnover reduction and modal shifts is less sensitive to carbon price. Bio-fuel, electricity and H 2 will play an important role for carbon mitigation in transport sector. The transport sector is more difficult to decarbonize than other sectors. a b s t r a c t Rapidly(More)
—In order to improve accuracy of fault diagnosis based on SVMs, an improved algorithm of support vector domain description (ISVDD) is proposed, used to pretreat the fault data. ISVDD constructs the recognizer of fault data by introducing an optimal sphere instead of the minimum sphere. The recognizer can sift out the fault data belonging to new unknown(More)
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