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A semi-passive UHF temperature sensor tag compatible with ISO 18000-6C protocol Revision-1 is presented in this paper. Novel power management techniques are proposed to prolong battery life, including two-stage wake-up detection, optimized rectifier design for wireless recharge, quasi CC–CV battery charging, and on-chip battery voltage surveillance.(More)
This brief proposes the analysis and design of a high-efficiency differential radio-frequency (RF) front-end for electronic-product-code second-generation-compatible RF identification tags. By studying the operating mechanism of an N -stage rectifier using a dynamic compensation technique, we propose a steady-state model to predict its output voltage and(More)
This paper presents a low voltage low power RF/analog front-end circuit for passive ultra high frequency (UHF) radio frequency identification (RFID) tag. Temperature compensation is achieved by a reference generator using sub-threshold techniques which requires lower supply voltage than conventional bandgap circuit. Some novel structures are developed to(More)
A novel two stage wakeup unit is proposed for Semi-passive temperature logger tag based on ISO 18000-6c Rev1 air interface protocol for RFID tags. This wakeup unit assists the tag to realize a temperature log<inf>1</inf> function, a high sensitivity and low standby current level. It has been designed and fabricated in SMIC 0.18um process as part of the(More)
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