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In plants, each male meiotic product undergoes mitosis, and then one of the resulting cells divides again, yielding a three-celled pollen grain comprised of a vegetative cell and two sperm cells. Several genes have been found to act in this process, and DUO1 (DUO POLLEN 1), a transcription factor, plays a key role in sperm cell formation by activating(More)
In plants, each pollen mother cell undergoes two rounds of cell divisions to form a mature pollen grain, which contains a vegetative cell (VC) and two sperm cells (SC). As a companion cell, the VC carries the SCs to an ovule by germinating a pollen tube. In-depth sequencing analyses of mature pollen showed that microRNAs (miRNAs) and short interfering RNAs(More)
Both female and male gametophytes harbor companion cells and gametes. MET1, a DNA methyltransferase, is down-regulated in companion cells. However, how MET1 is differentially regulated in gametophytes remains unexplored. ARID1, a transcription factor that is specifically depleted in sperm cells, is occupied by MET1-dependent CG methylation. Here, we show(More)
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