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—Recent cost analysis shows that the server cost still dominates the total cost of high-scale data centers or cloud systems. In this paper, we argue for a new twist on the classical resource provisioning problem: heterogeneous workloads are a fact of life in large-scale data centers, and current resource provisioning solutions do not act upon this(More)
—This paper presents a novel method of streamline placement for 2D vector field. In this method, the topological skeleton of underlying field is firstly extracted and used as initial streamlines. Initial streamlines segment the field into topological areas. Additional streamlines are then seeded at the center of topological areas in a recursive way, until(More)
Chiroptical switches have found application in the detection of a multitude of different analytes with a high level of sensitivity and in asymmetric catalysis to offer switchable stereoselectivity. A wide range of scaffolds have been employed that respond to metals, small molecules, anions and other analytes. Not only have chiroptical systems been used to(More)
Human quiescin-sulfhydryl oxidase 1 isoform b (HsQSOX1b) is a highly efficient, multiple-domain enzyme that directly inserts disulfide bonds into client protein. However, previous studies have focused mainly on the catalytic activity of the whole protein rather than its domain structure. In this research, we dissected the structure and function of HsQSOX1b(More)