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Pitch period is a key parameter in speech compression, synthesis and recognition. The AMDF is often used to determine this parameter. Due to the falling trend of the AMDF curve, however, it is easy to make the estimated pitch doubled or halved To correct these errors, the algoritlun has to increase its complexity. In this paper, we propose a new function,(More)
—Recent cost analysis shows that the server cost still dominates the total cost of high-scale data centers or cloud systems. In this paper, we argue for a new twist on the classical resource provisioning problem: heterogeneous workloads are a fact of life in large-scale data centers, and current resource provisioning solutions do not act upon this(More)
—This paper presents a novel method of streamline placement for 2D vector field. In this method, the topological skeleton of underlying field is firstly extracted and used as initial streamlines. Initial streamlines segment the field into topological areas. Additional streamlines are then seeded at the center of topological areas in a recursive way, until(More)
Streamline is an important way to visualize flow fields. In this paper, we propose a new streamline placement method. This method seeds streamlines at the centers of sub-fields that are enclosed by existing streamlines or field boundaries. When a streamline is seeded in a sub-field, the sub-field is generally partitioned into one or more small ones. We then(More)
In robot visual servo the system performance has a close relationship with image features. This paper mainly discusses two kinds of image features. One is geometrical moments, and the other is eigen-space transform features, which can be regarded as a kind of overall image features. Using overall features may avoid designing artificial marks on the objects,(More)
Two multimode Hg(II) sensors, L-MethBQA and L-CysBQA, were obtained by fusing methionine or S-methyl cysteine, into a bis-quinolyl amine-based chiral podand scaffold. Quinolyl groups serve as the fluorophore and possess nitrogen lone pairs capable of chelating metal ions. On exposure to Hg(2+) or Zn(2+), these sensors show signal enhancement in(More)
Chiroptical switches have found application in the detection of a multitude of different analytes with a high level of sensitivity and in asymmetric catalysis to offer switchable stereoselectivity. A wide range of scaffolds have been employed that respond to metals, small molecules, anions and other analytes. Not only have chiroptical systems been used to(More)