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Large numbers of MS/MS peptide spectra generated in proteomics experiments require efficient, sensitive and specific algorithms for peptide identification. In the Open Mass Spectrometry Search Algorithm (OMSSA), specificity is calculated by a classic probability score using an explicit model for matching experimental spectra to sequences. At default(More)
The NCBI BioSystems database, found at http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/biosystems/, centralizes and cross-links existing biological systems databases, increasing their utility and target audience by integrating their pathways and systems into NCBI resources. This integration allows users of NCBI's Entrez databases to quickly categorize proteins, genes and small(More)
BACKGROUND PubChem is an open repository for small molecules and their experimental biological activity. PubChem integrates and provides search, retrieval, visualization, analysis, and programmatic access tools in an effort to maximize the utility of contributed information. There are many diverse chemical structures with similar biological efficacies(More)
We modified our previous computer model of O2 and CO2 transport in the cerebral microcirculation to include nonequilibrium O2–Hb kinetics and the Fåhraeus effect (reduced tube hematocrit in small microvessels). The model is a steady-state multicompartmental simulation which includes three arteriolar compartments, three venular compartments, and one(More)
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