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We present a micropolygon ray tracing algorithm that is capable of efficiently rendering high quality defocus and motion blur effects. A key component of our algorithm is a BVH (bounding volume hierarchy) based on 4D hyper-trapezoids that project into 3D OBBs (oriented bounding boxes) in spatial dimensions. This acceleration structure is able to provide(More)
Copper sulphides, as a novel kind of photothermal agent for photothermal therapy (PTT) of cancer cells, have attracted increasing attention in recent years due to good photostability, synthetic simplicity, low toxicity and low cost. However, the unsatisfactory photothermal conversion efficiency of copper sulphides limits their bioapplication as PTT agents.(More)
The molybdenum oxide nanosheets have shown strong localized surface plasmon resonance (LSPR) absorption in the near-infrared (NIR) region. However, the long alky chains of ligands made them hydrophobic and less biocompatible. To meet the requirements of molybdenum based nanomaterials for use as a future photothermal therapy, a simple hydrothermal route has(More)
The rational design and fabrication of more multi-component (material-combination) 3D hierarchical heterostructures for high-performance pseudocapacitor applications still remains a challenge. Herein, we have designed and synthesized a 3D hierarchical heterostructure of MnO2 nanosheets or nanorods grown on an Au-coated Co3O4 porous nanowall array,(More)
Metal sulfides are commonly used in energy storage and electrocatalysts due to their redox centers and active sites. Most literature reports show that their performance decreases significantly caused by oxidation in alkaline electrolyte during electrochemical testing. Herein, S and N co-doped graphene-based nickel cobalt sulfide aerogels are synthesized for(More)
The programming languages solution to local-area networks is defined not only by the improvement of neural networks, but also by the technical need for Web services. Based on the game-theoretic symmetries, the Smalltalk harnessing are introduced, applied and researched. In fact, though few experts would disagree with the synthesis of operating systems, the(More)
This study empirically investigates the relationship between board characteristics and accounting information quality based on a sample of 153 firms listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange main board for the financial year ending in December 31, 2008. Accounting information quality is measured by information disclosure appraisal result released by Shenzhen(More)
Diffuse discharge can generate large-scale volume discharges at atmospheric pressure<sup>1</sup>, which could be used in surface modification of metal. In this paper, the feasibility of SiO<sub>2</sub>-like film deposition on copper surface by atmospheric pressure diffuse discharge is achieved. The diffuse discharge is driven by a microsecond-pulse power(More)
Large-area ultrafine MnO2 nanowire arrays (NWA) directly grew on a carbon fiber (CF, used as a substrate) by a simple electrochemical method, forming three-dimensional (3D) hierarchical heterostructures of a CF@MnO2 NWA composite. As an electrode for supercapacitors, the CF@MnO2 NWA composite exhibits excellent electrochemical performances including high(More)