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As a form of important domain knowledge, large-scale ontologies play a critical role in building a large variety of knowledge-based systems. To overcome the problem of semantic heterogeneity and encode domain knowledge in reusable format, a large-scale and well-defined ontology is also required in the traditional Chinese medicine discipline. We argue that(More)
Food security has become one of the heated issues in society because of the frequent occurrence of food security incidents in recent years. So far all regulatory agencies in Hangzhou have established their food regulatory information systems. However, because of the mutual independence and heterogeneousness among these systems, it is hard to share the(More)
With the rapid development of Internet information technology, professional teaching softwares and simulation system are set up in higher vocational colleges. And they are widely used in practical teaching. Since the Interdisciplinary Practical Teaching has been carried out across the whole school, the shortage of training places becomes a contradiction. To(More)
Current search engines can’t satisfy the requirements of informatics search in knowledge-intensive disciplines like medicine and biology. Before getting breakthrough in AI or NLP, we can use the Semantic Web techniques to solve the problem to some extent. TCMSearch is a semantic-based search engine for traditional medical informatics. In TCMSearch,(More)
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