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The photolytic and photocatalytic degradation of p-chlorobenzoic acid (p-CBA) in aqueous solution were investigated using two kinds of low-pressure mercury lamps: one emitted at 254 nm and the other emitted at 254 nm and 185 nm. Both the photolytic and photocatalytic degradations of p-CBA followed pseudo first-order reaction rate form. The rate constants(More)
Chlorinated paraffins (CPs) are one of the most complex groups of halogenated contaminants in the environment. However, studies of short chain CPs (SCCPs) in China are very scarce. In this study, the concentrations and distribution of SCCPs in farm soils from a wastewater irrigated area in China were investigated. SCCPs were detected in all topsoil samples,(More)
AC (activated carbon)/O3-BAC (biological activated carbon) process was employed to treat secondary effluent and compared to O3-BAC process. The effects of ozone dosages and empty bed contact time (EBCT) in BAC on dissolved organic carbon (DOC) removal were investigated. The results showed that the presence of AC improved ozone utilization and(More)
The treatment of 2,4,5-trichlorobiphenyl (PCB29) in simulated soil-washing solution by granular activated carbon (GAC) adsorption and microwave (MW) regeneration was investigated in this study. The PCB29 adsorption process was carried out in a continuous flow adsorption column. After adsorption, the PCB29-loaded GAC was dried at 103 degrees C, and(More)
The photocatalytic activity of the carbon-black-modified nano-TiO2) (CB-TiO2) thin films was 1.5 times higher than that of TiO2 thin films in degrading Reactive Brilliant Red X-3B. Photocatalytic oxidation and ozonation of catechol over CB-TiO2 thin films supported on Al sheet was investigated. The experiments showed that ozone concentrations had an(More)
Numerical simulation of the internal flow field in wet desulfurization spray tower is studied by a software Fluent with k-ε turbulence model and DPM model. The paper has observed the internal flow with the liquid distribution ring installed in different locations under different operating conditions. The simulation result shows that it is favorable for(More)
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