Wenxun Zheng

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Archiving of Internet traffic is essential for analyzing network events in the field of network security. Currently, bitmap indexing is used to accelerate the indexing and search queries for archival traffic data. However, the generation of bitmap index needs large storage space, which makes bitmap index compression is a must-have function. In this paper,(More)
Archiving of the Internet traffic is essential for analyzing network events in the field of network security and network forensics. The bitmap index is widely used to achieve fast searching in archival traffic data requiring a large storage space. As current state-of-art, WAH, PLWAH and COMPAX are proposed for compressing bitmap indexes. In this paper, a(More)
—Bitmap index is widely used in archiving and searching of Internet traffic, which is an essential step for analyzing network events in the field of network forensics. However, bitmap index requires a large storage space for fast searching in archival data. As current state-of-the-art bitmap advantages of fast query speed and easy implementation, PLWAH is(More)
Bitmap indexing is flexible to conduct boolean operations in data retrieval. Besides, the query processing based on bitmap indexing is also very fast. Therefore it has been widely used in various big data analytics platforms, such as Druid and Spark etc. However, bitmap index can consume a large amount of memory, which leads to the invention of different(More)
Efficient retrieval of traffic archival data is a must-have technique to detect network attacks, such as APT(advanced persistent threat) attack. In order to take insight from Internet traffic, the bitmap index is increasingly used for efficiently querying over large datasets. However, a raw bitmap index leads to high space consumption and overhead on(More)
With the growing popularity of Internet applications and the widespread use of mobile Internet, Internet traffic has maintained rapid growth over the past two decades. Internet Traffic Archival Systems (ITAS) for packets or flow records have become more and more widely used in network monitoring, network troubleshooting, and user behavior and experience(More)
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