Wenxuan Zhong

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Gene expression over time is, biologically, a continuous process and can thus be represented by a continuous function, i.e. a curve. Individual genes often share similar expression patterns (functional forms). However, the shape of each function, the number of such functions, and the genes that share similar functional forms are typically unknown. Here we(More)
MOTIVATION Identification of transcription factor binding motifs (TFBMs) is a crucial first step towards the understanding of regulatory circuitries controlling the expression of genes. In this paper, we propose a novel procedure called regularized sliced inverse regression (RSIR) for identifying TFBMs. RSIR follows a recent trend to combine information(More)
Lysosomal degradation of cytoplasmic components by autophagy is essential for cellular survival and homeostasis under nutrient-deprived conditions. Acute regulation of autophagy by nutrient-sensing kinases is well defined, but longer-term transcriptional regulation is relatively unknown. Here we show that the fed-state sensing nuclear receptor farnesoid X(More)
OBJECTIVE To test the hypotheses that the densities of macrophages in the synovial membranes and capsules of stifle joints in dogs with ruptured cranial cruciate ligaments are greater than those of normal joints and that those densities in affected joints are positively correlated with the chronicity and severity of the disease. ANIMALS 17 dogs with(More)
Identifying differentially expressed (DE) genes across conditions or treatments is a typical problem in microarray experiments. In time course microarray experiments (under two or more conditions/treatments), it is sometimes of interest to identify two classes of DE genes: those with no time-condition interactions (called parallel DE genes, or PDE), and(More)
In this article, we propose a penalized clustering method for large scale data with multiple covariates through a functional data approach. In the proposed method, responses and covariates are linked together through nonparametric multivariate functions (fixed effects), which have great flexibility in modeling a variety of function features, such as jump(More)
We propose a Bayesian procedure to cluster temporal gene expression microarray profiles, based on a mixed-effect smoothing-spline model, and design a Gibbs sampler to sample from the desired posterior distribution. Our method can determine the cluster number automatically based on the Bayesian information criterion, and handle missing data easily. When(More)
In this article, a stepwise procedure, correlation pursuit (COP), is developed for variable selection under the sufficient dimension reduction framework, in which the response variable Y is influenced by the predictors X(1), X(2), …, X(p) through an unknown function of a few linear combinations of them. Unlike linear stepwise regression, COP does not impose(More)
A low-cost yet highly sensitive colorimetric sensor array for the detection and identification of toxic industrial chemicals (TICs) has been developed. The sensor consists of a disposable array of cross-responsive nanoporous pigments whose colors are changed by diverse chemical interactions with analytes. Clear differentiation among 20 different TICs has(More)
Phenylthiourea (PTU) is commonly used for inhibiting melanization of zebrafish embryos. In this study, the standard treatment with 0.2 mM PTU was demonstrated to specifically reduce eye size in larval fish starting at three days post-fertilization. This effect is likely the result of a reduction in retinal and lens size of PTU-treated eyes and is not(More)