Wenxuan Yin

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BACKGROUND Hollow smooth muscle organs such as the bladder undergo significant changes in wall tension associated with filling and distension, with attendant changes in muscle tone. Our previous study indicated that stretch induces Ca(2+) release occurs in the form of Ca(2+) sparks and Ca(2+) waves in urinary bladder myocytes. While, the mechanism(More)
We examined the role and molecular mechanism of cADPR action on Ca(2+) spark properties in mouse bladder smooth muscle. Dialysis of cADPR with patch pipettes increased frequency and amplitude of spontaneous transient out currents (STOCs) to 6.1+/-0.87 currents/min from 1.2+/-0.36 currents/min (control) and to 179.8+/-48.7pA from 36.4+/-22.6pA (control),(More)
BACKGROUND Cardiomyocytes derived from murine embryonic stem (ES) cells possess various membrane currents and signaling cascades link to that of embryonic hearts. The role of atrial natriuretic peptide (ANP) in regulation of membrane potentials and Ca(2+) currents has not been investigated in developmental cardiomyocytes. METHODOLOGY/PRINCIPAL FINDINGS We(More)
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