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Spam is the use of electronic messaging systems to send unsolicited bulk messages indiscriminately. However, the popular spam filtering methods are encountering spammers' various disguise and confusion which seriously degrade the effect of spam filter. This paper proposes a collaborative spam filtering technique based on MIME fingerprints. By comparison(More)
At present, there are three main mobile apps marketplaces, iTunes App Store, Android Market and Windows Phone Store. With app recommendation technology, users not only discover more relevant apps, but they're also more likely to be engaged with those apps on a higher level because they are relevant to their interests in the first place. Collaborative(More)
Many problems in image processing and computer vision arise from shadows in a single color aerial image. This article presents a new algorithm by which shadows are extracted from a single color aerial image. Apart from using the ratio value of the hue over the intensity in some state-of-the-art algorithms, this article introduces another ratio map, which is(More)
Spam is unsolicited bulk email which is extremely annoying to the recipients and the ISPs. However, most of the traditional spam filtering methods commonly neglect the bulk character of spam. This paper proposes a model of cooperative anti-spam system based on multilayer agents. We compared our model to the state-of-the-art and found that our model achieved(More)
This paper presents system which determines optimal traffic route with shortest path approach. Client request for optimal traffic route from given source to destination, server sends response with image processing. Proposed system uses Dijkstra's algorithm to find optimal traffic route as shortest cost path. Every node is considered as place in the route(More)
A new method for constructing an accurate disparity space image and performing an efficient cost aggregation in stereo matching based on local affine model is proposed in this paper. The key algorithm includes a new self-adapting dissimilarity measurement used for calculating the matching cost and a local affine model used in cost aggregation stage.(More)
The technology of spam filtering is an effective method to discern spam and block their spread. The traditional anti-spam technologies have neglected spam's bulk feature, and some collaboration-based spam filtering technologies have individual technique standard. This paper proposes a spam filtering cloud platform based on sharing fingerprints. The cloud(More)
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