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With 298 heterogeneous soil samples from Yixing (Jiangsu Province), Zhongxiang and Honghu (Hubei Province), this study aimed to combine a successive projections algorithm (SPA) with a support vector machine regression (SVMR) model (SPA-SVMR model) to improve the estimation accuracy of soil organic carbon (SOC) contents using the laboratory-based visible and(More)
Molecular ferroelectric thin films are highly desirable for their easy and environmentally friendly processing, light weight, and mechanical flexibility. A thin film of imidazolium perchlorate processed from aqueous solution is an excellent molecular ferroelectric with high spontaneous polarization, high Curie temperature, low coercivity, and superior(More)
Centimeter-sized segregated stacking TTF-C60 single crystals are crystallized by a mass-transport approach combined with solvent-vapor evaporation for the first time. The intermolecular charge-transfer interaction in the long-range ordered superstructure enables the crystals to demonstrate external stimuli-controlled multifunctionalities and(More)
In the search for light and flexible nanoferronics, significant research effort is geared toward discovering the coexisting magnetic and electric orders in crystalline charge-transfer complexes. We report the first example of multiferroicity in centimeter-sized crystalline polymeric charge-transfer superstructures that grow at the liquid-air interface and(More)
The existing Spatial Data Infrastructure applications or virtual globes allow users to experiment with these tools for sharing and exploration of geospatial data. A typical application is the recently launched MapWorld, an interactive geospatial data browser developed based on GeoGlobe. Geospatial Service Web goes further by providing a geospatial(More)
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