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Colorimetric and fluorescent dual mode detection methods have gained much attention in recent years; however, it is still desirable to develop new colorimetric and fluorescent dual mode nanosensors with more simple preparation procedures, low cost, and excellent biocompatibility. Herein, a colorimetric and fluorescent nanosensor based on B, N, S-co-doped(More)
Cdc25 phosphatase was studied as an attractive target for cancer therapy. Multiple pharmacophore models with the unique core features of classic quinone inhibitors and those of novel inhibitors were used to discover a novel lead inhibitor. A total of 21 compounds with qualified physical properties were screened from the Maybridge HitFinder database(More)
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Candidate key is a very important concept in Database design, the right or wrong of the appointed candidate keys determines the database optimization result to some extent. A solution algorithm solving candidate keys of single attribute functional dependency sets based on Boolean matrix is given in this paper. N class attribute, circuit and subgraph(More)
Recently, the development of new fluorescent probes for the ratiometric detection of target objects inside living cells has received great attention. Normally, the preparation, modification as well as conjugation procedures of these probes are complicated. On this basis, great efforts have been paid to establish convenient method for the preparation of dual(More)
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