Wenxing Shi

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Microbial community composition and activity were characterized in soil contaminated with lead (Pb), chromium (Cr), and hydrocarbons. Contaminant levels were very heterogeneous and ranged from 50 to 16,700 mg of total petroleum hydrocarbons (TPH) kg of soil(-1), 3 to 3,300 mg of total Cr kg of soil(-1), and 1 to 17,100 mg of Pb kg of soil(-1). Microbial(More)
Keywords: Seasonal cold storage Ice storage Heat pipe Renewable energy Sustainable cooling a b s t r a c t Seasonal cold storage is a high-efficient and environmental-friendly technique that uses the stored natural cold energy in winter (e.g., snow, ice or cold ambient air) for free-cooling in summer. This paper presents a seasonal cold storage system that(More)
Heat pumps with rotary compressors operating in low temperature ambient will face heavy performance degradation. A novel vapor injection structure on the blade for the rotary compressor has been proposed in this paper to overcome the back-flowing drawback of the traditional cylinder injection structure and enlarge the injection area. Based on a verified(More)
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