Wenxin Mu

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In a collaborative situation, involving several partners, a BPM approach may be useful to support the design of a Mediation Information System (MIS), in charge of ensuring interoperability between partners' IS. For such an objective, there are two main barriers, which are: (i) building collaborative business process cartography, and (ii) once the(More)
This article presents a model-driven approach to improve interoperability into emerging ecosystems. This approach proposes to design a Mediation Information System (MIS) dedicated to deal with exchanged data, shared services and collaborative processes. The MIS design crosses the different abstraction layers (business, logic and technological) and exploits(More)
The Mediation Information System Engineering project is currently finishing its second iteration (MISE 2.0). The main objective of this scientific project is to provide any emerging collaborative situation with methods and tools to deploy a Mediation Information System (MIS). MISE 2.0 aims at defining and designing a service-based platform, dedicated to(More)
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