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The customer’s privacy may be exposed in most existing micropayment schemes. To protect the privacy of a customer’s identity, according to the definitions of anonymity given in this paper, a novel micropayment scheme (called xPay) with security, efficiency and complete anonymity is proposed. The scheme, based on hash chain, introduces both(More)
Objective To investigate the expressions of postsynaptic density protein 95 (PSD95) and synaptophysin (SYP) in primary culture of neurons at different times. Methods The expressions of PSD95 and SYP were detected using immunofluorescence technique in primary culture of cerebral cortical neurons at 3 days in vitro (3DIV), 7DIV and 14DIV. Results PSD95 was(More)
Basis pursuit algorithm is one of the most popular methods of sparse coding. The goal of the algorithm is to represent signal using as few coefficients as possible, which is suitable for acoustic signal compression. This paper presents a lossless coding/decoding method using the basis pursuit algorithm. In this method, wavelet packets bases were used to(More)
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