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This study aimed to explore the assessment value of virtual touch quantization (VTQ) for the clinicopathological typing of renal fibrosis. The quantitative detection of 76 patients with nephropathy was performed using acoustic radiation force impulse imaging (ARFI). The extent of the renal fibrosis in each patient was confirmed using ultrasound-guided(More)
Plastic profiles produced by extrusion die are cooled down and calibrated by calibrators, so it is very important to properly design the cooling system in calibrator for the profile quality. In this paper, considering the cooling channels’ location, size, number and the calibrator’s material distribution simultaneously, the optimization(More)
Marine shafting alignment is an indispensable part of marine propulsion shafting design and installation. In this paper, the marine shafting reasonable alignment based on genetic algorithm is investigated. The three-moment theory is utilized to analyze the bearing loads at straight alignment and bearing additional loads caused by offsets of bearings and(More)
To meet the strict requirement of International Marine Organization (IMO) Tier III regarding emission from marine diesel engines, many researchers have been conducted at marine vessels to reduce exhaust emissions from large diesel engines. This paper introduces many methods to control emission of NOx. Based on some particular types of engines, the emphasis(More)
This paper proposes a new AND-OR fuzzy neural networks (AND-OR FNN) based on the AND and the OR neurons, which are made up of T norm and S norm and have the ability to reduce the input space. Zadeh's operators are employed in order to infer the symbolic expression of every layer. A piecewise hybrid optimization approach is proposed to train the fuzzy neural(More)
In this paper we measure the step-wise latency in the pipeline of three kinds of interactive mobile video applications that are rapidly gaining popularity, namely Remote Graphics Rendering (RGR), Mobile Augmented Reality (MAR), and Mobile Virtual Reality (MVR). The applications differ from each other by the way in which the user interacts with the(More)
In this paper, the topology optimization design of two-material micro compliant mechanism that allows for treating local stress constraint is investigated. A mathematical model is constructed in which the mechanical advantage of the mechanism is posed as objective function while displacement constraint, material constraint and stress constraint are(More)
The axisymmetric temperature fields and cyclic elastic-plastic stress-strain fields and Mises' equivalent stress-strain fields of 12V180 and 42–160 engines' pistons were calculated by the program “ADINAT/ADINA”. The tests of thermal-mechanical and isothermal low-cycle fatigue at elevated temperatures were carried out with the(More)
This paper describes the Chinese Word Segmenter for our participation in CIPS-SIGHAN-2010 bake-off task of Chinese word segmentation. We formalize the tasks as sequence tagging problems, and implemented them using conditional random fields (CRFs) model. The system contains two modules: multiple preprocessor and basic segmenter. The basic segmenter is(More)
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